Mvn 4 Car Bed

Carbeds / Besteknik Car Beds CO.

Carbeds  Sound effects ;    Horn Sound Knight Rider Sound, Motor Starter sound,

                          on/ off Voice,  Speed Sound

Carbeds Control of  Headlights On / Off, LED lights, Audio Effects by the remote control


Carbeds Healthy, Absolutely do not have any carcinogenic effect that will be threaten child      development and health

 Carbeds ABS & Acrylic Special bright compound (hard and hard to scratch) is produced from the material.

It is an antibacterial plastic that is used in medicine, health and food sector.

Carbed      Light Effects, headlights that can be used as a night lamps,flash the brights , sliding LED     lights, Lots of LED Effects.

Carbed, there is absolutely no danger for children with 12 Volt DC adapter.

Carbeds  Easy Installation.   It is the easiest and most practical installation product of the class with   single screwdriver.

Carbeds  Capacity. It can be carry until to 200 Kg.


        Carbeds    Dimensions

                            Mattress Dimensions: 90 x 190 cm

                           Assembled Dimension: 133 x 238 cm


* Our carbeds products are manufactured using materials that conform to European Union Standards using advanced technology. E-1 and TÜV certified products.

* Carbeds loading in packages and long-distance trucks, a system that is resistant to ship voyages has been implemented.

*To prevent the loss of time and money that may occur, our products carbeds are placed in durable specialty cardboards to provide maximum security with strappers.

*Please do not hesitate to  contact to our company for detailed information.